First Federal Credit & Collections (FFCC) is a national firm in the business of collecting consumer past due medical, retail and commercial accounts. Our primary objective is to devise a comprehensive program to collect moneys justly due to our clients, while at the same time "keeping your image intact".

In February 2006 we celebrated our 20-year anniversary in the collections industry in South Florida. We are members of both the American Collectors Association and The Florida Collectors Association.

Our collection success is based upon a tactical combination of the most effective methods  in the industry, with the partnership of specialized vendors, including:

  • Electronic batch and individual skip-tracing comprehensive data and up-to-date technology.
  • Multiple and individualized dunning letters to each account.
  • Direct phone communication with as many as 85 contacts per agent per hour.
  • Monthly reporting of accounts to all (3) three major credit bureaus: EXPERIAN, EQUIFAX, and TRANSUNION.